Aims and Scope

IJCH is an open access journal which focous on publishing original and peer reviewed research papers on all aspects of Culture and History. And the topics include but not limited to:

Anthropology of Art
Anthropology of Development
Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality
Anthropology of Religion
Applied and Development
Applied Anthropology
Anthropology of Religion
Biological Anthropology
Cognitive anthropology
Cyborg anthropology
Dance and Film
Economic anthropology
Historical anthropology
Kinship and family
Kinship, feminism, gender and sexuality
Linguistic anthropology
Legal anthropology
Media anthropology

Medical anthropology
Medical, nutritional, psychological, cognitive and transpersonal
Political and legal
Political anthropology
Political Economic,
Political Economy
Psychological anthropology
Public anthropology
Transpersonal anthropology
Urban anthropology
Urban Anthropology
Visual anthropology
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