IJCH 2015 Vol.1(2): 86-90 ISSN: 2382-6177
doi: 10.18178/ijch.2015.1.2.016

Digital Orange: Understanding the Posthuman by Culturally 'Telling' Time

Tom Chet
Abstract—In a world of instant gratification, cyberspace and internet wormholes, our altered sense of time is part and parcel of a new mentality, that of posthumanity. Our formulation of the concept of time seems a priori in relation to other ideas through which we comprehend our world yet most current theoretical frameworks of posthuman research disregard time entirely, focusing instead on denying dualism and generating models towards building a better future. However, through a cultural reading of our current temporalities, defining our posthuman reality, I will outline our new world view – built upon, multiplicity and connectivity. Thus suggesting a new avenue of research focused on what we have become, instead of what we aspire humanity be.

Index Terms—Digital-age, narrative, popular-culture, posthuman, time.

Tom Chet is with the English Literature Department, University of Tel-Aviv, Israel (e-mail: timtam.ch@gmail.com).


Cite: Tom Chet, "Digital Orange: Understanding the Posthuman by Culturally 'Telling' Time," International Journal of Culture and History vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 86-90, 2015.

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